Trust an Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA

Trust an Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA

Get to know who will help you create your trusts and will

Andy Fesler started out as a litigator and moved into estate planning law because he prefers to work closely with clients. His clients are individuals with families, small businesses and accumulated wealth in Carlsbad, CA. For attorney Fesler, the best part of the job is getting to know his clients and figuring out what they need. The Law Office Of Andrew Fesler helps clients with:

  • Estate planning
  • Advanced estate tax planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Life insurance counseling
  • Probate law
  • Business formation and planning
  • Advanced life insurance consulting
  • Special needs planning

Call 760-444-0943 to schedule an appointment at his law office in Carlsbad, CA.

Attorney Fesler’s process

Estate planning and probate law require sensitivity and professionalism. Attorney Fesler’s law firm takes confidentiality seriously, and he does everything in his power to set up your trusts, will and estate plan accurately. If you can’t make it to his office for any reason, attorney Fesler can come to you. Reach out to his law office to learn more about the firm’s accommodating legal services.

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