Estate Planning Isn’t Morbid – It’s Smart.

Get help transferring assets in Carlsbad, CA from the Law Office Of Andrew Fesler

Do you need help planning your estate in Carlsbad, CA? Thankfully, the Law Office Of Andrew Fesler is here for you. Attorney Fesler primarily handles estate planning services and probate law. You can also come to the Law Office Of Andrew Fesler for advice about charitable giving, business formation, life insurance and special needs. Trust his firm to help you handle your estate planning services and probate needs, like your:

Planning your estate and probating a family member’s estate both come with several risks if they’re completed improperly. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer by your side. You can trust the Law Office Of Andrew Fesler to work hard to minimize risks and stress to your family at the end of your life. Call 760-444-0943 to schedule an appointment at his Carlsbad, CA office.

How can attorney Fesler make your life easier?

The Law Office Of Andrew Fesler offers:

  • Free initial consultations
  • Free reviews of your current estate plans
  • Personalized services from a friendly and cordial lawyer
  • Complete confidentiality
  • House calls
  • Flat fees for estate planning services

Reach out to the Law Office Of Andrew Fesler to start planning your Carlsbad, CA estate.

About attorney Fesler’s practice

Andy Fesler started out as a litigator and moved into estate planning law in order to work more closely with clients. Many of his clients have small businesses that have brought them a considerable amount of personal wealth. After they die, they want their assets distributed how they see fit. Trust attorney Fesler to help you put your plans for your estate in writing.

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