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Andrew Fesler is an Estate Planning attorney based in Carlsbad, California, and serving clients in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties.  He serves his clients in matters that include estate planning, business planning, charitable gift planning, probate and estate administration and advanced life insurance consulting.


Andy’s solo practice is focused on achieving the best results for his clients and their families by combining his expertise in the areas in which he practices with considerable attention to the goals and desires of his clients.  Estate planning of any type – from the simplest will to the very advanced trust and freeze planning – must begin

with the attorney having a thorough understanding of the client’s goals for that planning.  That understanding is infeasible unless the attorney puts the energy and time into understanding the client’s concerns and desires for their family and/or business.  


Andy has built his practice around the client.  His client-centered approach is designed to achieve a deep understanding of the client’s desires and translate those desires into documents that will achieve their goals.


What is Estate Planning?


Generally, it involves the transfer of wealth from one person to another.  Everyone is subject to this process to varying degrees.  For wealthy people the process is typically the most complex.  For people whose estate (nearly everything a person owns at death) is worth less than $100,000, the process is much simpler.  For the majority of the public who falls in between those two categories, the estate planning process can range from fairly simple to very complex depending upon the person’s family situation and asset mix.  An estate planning attorney’s job is to gain an understanding of the client’s assets and family situation and put together a plan that will simplify and improve the transfer of wealth from the client to the heirs.


For the most simple cases, a will may be adequate.  These days, for most clients, estate planning begins with a Revocable Living Trust, but it also includes other documents that help clients manage their assets and medical affairs during  life, through financial powers of attorney and advanced medical health care directives.  As a client, you may or may not need all of these documents – and may need other in addition.  But no one can know that until they have spoken in detail with you to determine your planning needs.  And that begins with an initial consultation.




Andy Fesler believes clients need to be comfortable in the planning process, from that initial consultation onward.  For this reason, he offers a free initial consultation, offices around the San Diego area that are convenient to most clients, and will come to a client’s home or office should their situation make that option more convenient.  This is also another reason you will never be passed on to a new or learning associate.  As a sole practitioner, Andy has the ultimate quality control – he does it all personally.  At every turn, Andy strives to provide excellent outcomes through a process that involves excellent service.


For an initial consultation, please feel free to contact Andy at (760) 444-0943, or click on the “contact” button at the top of this page.