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If a family member dies without leaving a will, you’re going to need a probate lawyer to sort out the assets left behind. The Law Office Of Andrew Fesler will help you clear up confusion in the process and provide an objective presence in the midst of an emotional and often dramatic situation. Speak with attorney Fesler about your family’s probate needs today.

3 times to hire a professional to probate an estate

3 times to hire a professional to probate an estate

After a close family member dies, it may seem like the easiest option to probate the estate yourself. Probating is a long and complicated process that is best left to a professional. Here are three times when it’s especially important to hire a probate attorney:

  1. If your family doesn’t get along or often argues about money.
  2. If the estate in question has outstanding debts that outweigh the estate’s value.
  3. If the estate includes a business.

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